Learn About Yourself

Understand yourself and what you truly want is a key for finding the major areas of study or the suitable career fields. We provide these questions to help you learn more about yourself and help you narrow down major areas of study and future careers.

Identify Your Personal Career Themes
Start by responding to these questions:

  • What do I want from my life and work?
  • What motivates me to excel and what is success for me?
  • Interests: What do I love to do, e.g. activities, hobbies, subjects, book topics?
  • Personality: What are my personal traits, motivational drives and needs?
  • Values: What is most important to me, e.g. achievement, creativity, helping others, high salary?
  • Skills: What do I do well and which skills do I most like to use? Do I have experiences that convey these strengths to employers?

  • Source by  https://gecd.mit.edu/